• Organic Chicory ground for Moka by Dr Mozzi's - 250gr pack
250gr Dr Mozzi's Organic chicory ground for Moka

Chicory coffee is the perfect alternative to classic and decaffeinated coffee.

It is obtained from chicory root (Chicorium intybus), which is harvested in autumn and is first cleaned from the earth, dried and finally roasted, and then pulverized.

The powder thus obtained is then boiled for a few minutes and then filtered, like a common decoction. From here we get this healthy drink with a bitter taste, very similar to the common coffee, but with the advantage of not containing caffeine.

It also boasts numerous properties that make it a very healthy drink and also for these reasons Dr. Piero Mozzi recommends its consumption, especially for people of blood type 0, who have many problems with classic coffee (irritation of stomach walls, colitis, tachycardia, arrhythmia, hypertension, irritability, insomnia, anxiety, etc.).

But it would be reductive to recommend chicory coffee only to group 0 subjects. The advantages of those who drink chicory coffee in fact are numerous, let's see them together.

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Organic Chicory ground for Moka by Dr Mozzi's - 250gr pack

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