• 400 Nespresso Compatible Capsules - best value - OUR LOWEST PRICE EVER-

Taste and enjoy a distinctive range of Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods!

Mixed Pack - our Lowest Price Ever!

Value Pack containing 400 high quality Coffee Capsules compatible with Nespresso system.

Pick your selection from the following blends  100% Arabica, Cremoso, Organic coffee, Full Body, Velvet, Intenso, Aromatic Decaf, Strong decaf.   More Choice – More Freedom!

We offer an exciting alternative - enjoyment guaranteed!
5.6gr of Coffee 25 capsules per package .

Flavour profiles:

Forte is a strong coffee  with a full-bodied and  really surprising taste.

Napoletano is a strong and full-bodied Coffee with a dense, compact and persistent crema.  Enjoy the hazel-brown to dark of a rich and tightly compacted crema in the cup.

Intenso has characteristics of strong aroma and bold taste you won't forget.

Cremoso has a pleasant and cosy flavour and is an excellent choice for every day coffee. Its distinctive taste, creamy and dense body is adored by all coffee lovers.

100% Organic is a blend of coffee has carefully been chosen for the subtle creamy coffee with a delicate aroma.

Velvet is a coffee that has a mixture of selected blends from different countries.

100% Arabica beans to give you a smooth and classy flavour and will leave your palate tasting pleasant.

Full-bodied coffee has powerful and distinctive aromas dedicated to the planet. It’s unique character is loved by those who seek new adventures.

Mix Pack - Your choice of flavors -

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400 Nespresso Compatible Capsules - best value - OUR LOWEST PRICE EVER-

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