• Chicory  coffee  25 Nespresso Compatible coffee capsules by Best Espresso -

The healthy alternative to coffee!!

Chicory coffee is popular among those trying to reduce their caffeine intake. It is linked to several health benefits, including reduced inflammation, decreased blood sugar and improved digestive health.

This coffee is best served as a 35-50ml espresso shot.

Highlights & Technology:

  • Caffeine Free
  • Nespresso Pods Compatible with all Nespresso brand Coffee Machines
  • Capsules are designed to ensure a perfect drink shot
  • Capsules can be stored in the capsules holder because are self sealed and colour coded
  • Oxygen is removed so that chicory coffee maintains its freshness until you are ready to enjoy it
 Pods technology: Capsules are self sealed the day chicory coffee is roasted, each capsule is gas flushed (removing of oxygen) to maintain freshness and aroma. Box of 8 packs total 200 capsules
Best Espresso is a coffee company based in Padua Italy which has gained a reputation in the production of coffee capsules and related R&D. The company owned technology and patents related to coffee capsules are considered among the most advanced in the coffee industry. The technological advantage gained in decades of incremental improvements is  most evident when compared to other “standard” capsules. This alternative to Nespresso capsules is inspired by the Planets and the goal is to combine the best know-how and cutting edge technology with quality coffee beans to bring out the deliciousness of the coffee beans in the cup rather than the roast. It comes as no surprise that blends in this line are made up using the best selection of the sweetest and roundest varieties of beans, carefully combined to produce a distinguished smooth, fragrant and well balanced espresso coffee. 

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Chicory coffee 25 Nespresso Compatible coffee capsules by Best Espresso -

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