• Elmir  - 150 ESE coffee pods by Passalacqua

Elmir, a quintessential Neapolitan coffee blend!

This blend boasts a generous 70% Robusta bean composition, resulting in a luxuriously thick and nutty crema.

The dark roasting style typical of southern Italy imparts a distinctive low acidity profile and reduced caffeine content to this espresso.With its well-rounded flavors,

Elmir serves as an excellent foundation for crafting rich, indulgent cappuccinos and velvety latte macchiatos. This meticulously crafted variety draws upon beans from three distinct countries of origin, ensuring an optimal diversity of flavors. Each bean contributes its unique best qualities, culminating in a harmonious blend that epitomizes the art of espresso blending.Indulge in the authentic Neapolitan coffee experience with every sip of Elmir, a testament to Passalacqua's commitment to preserving the region's time-honored coffee traditions while delivering an unparalleled taste journey.

Pack of 50 x 7.3gr ESE Pods - Perfect for the Handpresso Auto, Mokona Tazzona and Traditional Manual Espresso Machines

Passalacqua is a historic and renowned Italian coffee brand from Naples known for its traditional Neapolitan-style coffee blends and roasting methods.

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Elmir - 150 ESE coffee pods by Passalacqua

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