Q: how can I use the coupon code?
A: Simple,  create an account first, (log in if you already have an account)  add products to cart, click on view cart to apply the coupn and then proceed to checkout.


Q: Is the capsule safe to use in my machine?
A: Yes, our capsules will not damage your machine even if it might feel marginally harder to close the lever, this is to ensure correct sealing and seating of the plastic capsule. (This apply only for Nespresso capsules!)

Q: What is the capsule made of?
A: Capsules are made from medical grade polypropylene and are safe for food stuffs, capsules are manufactured in a FDA approved environment and food safe HDPE. They can withstand high temperatures and therefore do not affect the taste or flavour of the coffee.

Q: Are your capsules recyclable?
A: Capsules are 100% recyclable and conform to European Directive 94/62/EC

Q: Are there flavour and additives used to create the aroma and taste of the coffee capsules?
A: No. The taste of our coffees comes from a blend of freshly ground pure coffee. Coffee is of the finest grade and comes from coffee producing countries such as Brazil,Columbia, Peru, Ethiopia, Kenya.

Q: Can I use the capsule more than once or can I make a long coffee using 1 capsule?
A: It is recommended that you use a capsule once for short coffee only.(it's the italian way) If you prefer a stronger or long coffee it is recommended that you use 2 capsules. In case the capsule is suitable for a long extraction this will be clearly specified in the description of the product otherwise are to be considered not suitable for long coffee.

Q: Are 44mm ESE pods same as Senseo pods

A: No, ESE pods is an open standard while Senseo pods (also know as pads) is a patented system and the two are NOT compatible with each other.

Q: Do you have a shop with a counter where I can buy your products in person

A: In order to keep our prices low, we have cut out the high costs associated with maintaining a retail store and have established ourselves as an online-only business. Products are listed with high quality images and accurate description. In addition, you can also review other customer testimonials within most product listings.