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Advantages of ESE pods over Nespresso original line pods

Coffee lovers have various options when it comes to making a quick and delicious espresso at home. One popular method is using coffee pods, which offer convenience and consistency. There are various types of coffee pods available in the market, including Nespresso original line pods and Easy Serving Espresso (E.S.E.) pods. While both types offer ease and convenience, E.S.E. pods have some unique advantages that make them a better choice than Nespresso original line pods.

Studies have shown that coffee has health benefits

The World Cancer Research Fund suggests that drinking coffee regularly offer health benefits including reducing the risk of liver cancer. Furthermore, the research shows a 15% risk reduction associated with consuming of a cup a day. Other studies come to similar conclusion suggesting that coffee can provide a protection against prostate cancer. Parkinson's disease, and type 2 diabetes.

September 29: Happy International Coffee Day!!

Today, 29 September  all over the world the International Day of coffee is celebrated!

Although the real origin of the International Day of coffee is unknown, many countries nowadays celebrate this event to pay tribute to a drink that is famous all over the world.

It's worth noting that the stimulant properties of coffee were discovered as early as the ninth century by an Ethiopian shepherd observing the behaviour of his sheep after eating coffee berries found in nature.

The consumption of coffee as drink began around the fifteenth century in the Arab countries, and later it spread to Italy, Europe and the Americas. 

Nowadays, consuming a cup of coffee is an enjoyable "ritual" for all of us, and that is regardless of how you drink the coffee and where you are. In the world of cinema coffee become also an important drink, great artists such as Totò in Italy or Sterling Hayden in America could not give up coffee on the set. Coffee was their constant companion of many adventures! 

In Italy, Espresso is king, but also espressino, with cream and corrected with grappa or sambuca are loved ! You can not refuse a good coffee, so.... drink your coffee as Espresso, long, with milk or or macchiato and simply enjoy it!    

You only have to try to believe it, search on our website for the coffee that suits you and enjoy it as you wish !

A Coder's Guide To Coffee

As most software and creative professionals know, coffee is an important component in boosting mental acuity and maintaining peak, on-the-job performance. Coffee is not just a useful aid while working though. It's also a damn tasty beverage. To make a really good cup of coffee, all you need is the desire to enjoy a better beverage that's brewed using modern technology. Read on to learn the secrets of good coffee!

Great Taste Awards 2014!!

The Great Taste Award is an international competition that rewards independent products and handicrafts, but also the commitment of individuals and companies that believe in these products. We are proud to add this star to our products, sure that this will  help consumers to try and choose the quality of our products.

Two of the products awarded are Invidia Cremoso in capsules compatible with A Modo Mio and Organic Barley  in Capsules compatible with  A Modo Mio and Nespress. Coffee was appreciated for its taste "rich and dark" with a deep flavor while Organic Barley was acclaimed for its sweetness and richness of the caramel tones.  

It's worth noting that cremoso blends are also available in capsules compatible with Nespresso, Espresso Point and other major systems.

Coffee capsules compatible with Lavazza A Modo Mio by Italian Coffee

Coffee capsules alternatives are in high demand. Today we are going to test the alternative to Lavazza A Modo Mio capsules. The coffee capsules we have tested are made in north of Italy by Best Espresso and sold online by


A pack of 16 capsules costs AUD10.95 or AUD8.80 when you buy a carton. (not including reward points program). That makes the price per capsule of about 55 cents which means a saving of  approx 24% if compared to Lavazza own capsules.(to save even more subscribing to the reward points program)

The coffee nap that improves your alertness!

Studies in Japan and England indicate that coffee combined with a quick power nap can help improve your memory and alertness. Coffee Nap means drinking a cup of coffee and then taking a quick nap. This according to science,  at espressoland, we are all for an Italian style espresso treat and siesta!  Source 10/sep/2014)

You want the moon we'll get you the moon! - new blend by Best Espresso compatible with Nespresso

"You want the moon"... we'll get you the moon!

One of the most famous quotes from one of the most famous scene in movie history, It's a Wonderful Life (1946)

Our family of products is expanding and we are indeed very happy to introduce the newest member at we are talking about MOON, a new coffee blend in capsules compatible with Nespresso machines by Best Espresso. This coffee features a full-bodied flavour that appears in the cup with a thick, persistent and dark hazelnut colour crema.

This blend is roasted in the Neapolitan way and of course our invitation is to try the persuasive aroma of this new product immediately. We are sure you will not regret your choice.

In conclusion, we would like to offer another musical suggestion: try to enjoy the coffee by relaxing while singing softly another song extremely evocative of the great Frank Sinatra ... Fly me to the moon and let me play Among the Stars ...

Nespresso vs. Lavazza A Modo Mio - what is the best coffee?

Single-serve coffee machine have simplified the coffee preparation process and given everyone the ability to choose their own individual blend and the convenience of having a cup of coffee in seconds.  We have tested many of the machines currently on the market and made an infographic using two of the most popular. The aim is to find out which one does the job better between the Citiz by Nespresso and Favola (electrolux Premium) by Lavazza A Modo Mio.

How to make the perfect espresso using capsules or pods

What should an Espresso Coffee taste like, anyway? 

A quality Espresso should taste rich and sweet. Different beans blends and roasting method give their own flavour profile, however a quality coffee is one that is light roasted with fruity, chocolatey or floral notes. Light roasts are complex, refined and have good acidity. A coffee it should never taste bitter, sour, burnt or ashy. Capsules can make the process of preparing a coffee quicker, easier and with constant good results.

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