Fantastic Cappuccino made of natural ingredients with no added sugar.  This unsweetened cappuccino has delicate, velvety and thick foam that cappuccino lovers will adore. Only the finest quality ingredients are used for the most popular and iconic of all coffees.

Pods contain whole powdered milk, half skimmed powdered MILK (78,0 %), instant coffee and no sugar.

Best Espresso capsules for Dolce Gusto® system 100%  Made in Italy quality  -

Best Espresso  capsules come in a  sealed pouch and are patented and certified to be compatible with the following Dolce Gusto® machines (Circolo™, Creativa, Fontana, Jovia, Genio™, Esperta™, Melody, Mini me™, Oblo, Piccolo).

Packs of 16 capsules. A full box contains 12 packages of 16 capsules.

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Cappuccino - 16 Coffee Capsules Dolce Gusto Compatible by Best Espresso

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