Compostable coffee pods: a real help for the environment!

The increased use of single serve coffee has been widely debated in recent years because of the environment impact capsules have on the environment; if not properly treated. Fortunately, these discussions have led to something good: many brands have decided to opt for completely recyclable pods and packaging, a solution that helps the environment and saves on raw materials. But it's not all: in fact, many of the largest Italian and international companies in the coffee pods and capsules sector have decided to even offer completely compostable, perfectly eco-sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. 

Characteristics of compostable coffee capsules and pods: 

Compostable ESE pods are not really a new product: the non-woven fabric used to make ESE pods is perfectly compostable and can be thrown into the organic waste, or inserted directly into the household compost box.  Furthermore, bioplastics that can dissolve completely in the soil have been developed in recent years; these plastics are being tested in the coffee capsules market, so that they are completely eco-sustainable but also safe for use in the food industry.  

The advantages of compostable coffee pods

ESE pods are completely safe for use with food and perfectly no harmful to the environment.  If that’s not enough, everyone can recycle ESE pods at home, creating high-quality domestic compost to feed your vegetables in the backyard. Finally, single serve coffee packages offer many advantages however, many of us are also concerned with the impact plastic and aluminium capsules have to the environment.  We can a bit further when selecting our coffee and use ESE pods to combine the benefits of single serve coffee and use perfectly compostable products.

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