Nespresso Compatible Capsules

The below analysis is based on a study published by the University of Parma Italy and is comprehensive of  all Nespresso compatible capsules available on the market as of  04/09/2012. The study took into account the quality of the capsules, extraction and performance of the capsules in producing a good coffee.

Capsule Company/Country Characteristics Cap Material
Best Espresso (Italy) Sophisticated build of the capsule, excellent water/coffee flow, very few dispersion, filter at the top side of the capusle (coffee emission side) , concentric ring seal at the base to hold capsule shape. PP 
Prosol (Spain) Low loss of water, thermal expansion of capsule during the injection to avoid capsule misshape PE
Tecnostampi (Italy) Double Seal, loss of water from the back of capsule, Indent at the base of the capsule to avoid misshape PET

Eti (Italy) good water/coffee flow, capsules spill coffee ground, two small fin at the base to keep capsule in shape PP

Eurocaps (Netherland, South Africa) Simple to manufacture, low loss of water, good flow of water/coffee, no issues in the discarding process, concentric ring seal to hold capsule shape PP first
PBT after

Microplast (Switzerland ) poor flow of coffee/water, leaks from the top side of capsule (coffee emission side) not longer developed  

SaraLee (USA) Tested in April 2010 before made available in the market - capsules presented issues with the flow of water through the coffee. Top side of capusle (coffee emission side) is micropierced to facilitate the flow.  Capsuels are not selfsealed. Sold by Woolworths and Coles under piazza d'or Brand. PP
ECC - Ethical Coffee(France) Brittle PLA filter, flow of coffee/water not optimal , PLA not stiff enough to hold shape of capsule, internal volume of capsules had to be reduced and can hold only 4,5 g of coffee.  

Eurocaps (Netherland, South Africa) Capsule has a section around cone which is  variable PP
  Double Capsule, external capsule works as separator container, not evident benefits to have double capsule PP

Taplast (Italy) The capsule is opened by breaking the fin on the side while closing the leave of the machine. The system does not work always and coffee flow is blocked PP

Fortaleza (Spain) Double seal, Excellent flow water/coffee, similar features to Best Espresso Capsules PBT

Alice Allison (Switzerland ) Prototype developed to expand the internal volume and pack more coffee, loss of coffee powder.  

Vergnano 1882 (Italy) Product is not optimal, Sophisticated build of the capsule, higher cost, Plastic lid at the top side of caspule (coffee emission side) , ultrasound welding PP ?

Alice Allison (Switzerland ) Capsule pierced at the base, loss of coffee powder, design not optimal PP

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