September 29: Happy International Coffee Day!!

Today, 29 September  all over the world the International Day of coffee is celebrated!

Although the real origin of the International Day of coffee is unknown, many countries nowadays celebrate this event to pay tribute to a drink that is famous all over the world.

It's worth noting that the stimulant properties of coffee were discovered as early as the ninth century by an Ethiopian shepherd observing the behaviour of his sheep after eating coffee berries found in nature.

The consumption of coffee as drink began around the fifteenth century in the Arab countries, and later it spread to Italy, Europe and the Americas. 

Nowadays, consuming a cup of coffee is an enjoyable "ritual" for all of us, and that is regardless of how you drink the coffee and where you are. In the world of cinema coffee become also an important drink, great artists such as Totò in Italy or Sterling Hayden in America could not give up coffee on the set. Coffee was their constant companion of many adventures! 

In Italy, Espresso is king, but also espressino, with cream and corrected with grappa or sambuca are loved ! You can not refuse a good coffee, so.... drink your coffee as Espresso, long, with milk or or macchiato and simply enjoy it!    

You only have to try to believe it, search on our website for the coffee that suits you and enjoy it as you wish !

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