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  • OSCAR  - Water filter and Softener -descaling device -

Osmotic Scale Reduction Cloth Pack with absolute bacteriostatic conditions to convert calcium and magnesium ions (limescale causing agents) into sodium ions which are not to exceed 150mg/liter of Na. Meets FDA requirements (Heading 21, Section 173.25, par. A. Sub 1).


  • Size: 10mm x 12mm
  • For 1.0-2.0 liter reservoirs.
  • Operates between 5 and 40 degrees celsius water temperature.



  • This product is not re-generable.
  • Should not to be placed in a boiler vessel that has a heating element.
  • Manufacturer recommends to replace once a year.
  • Water tank must be fully open for this product to fit.

Instructions, how to use OSCAR:

  1. Remove water softener pouch from plastic bag.
  2. Rinse under cold water to remove any sediment.
  3. Place in a pitcher or the reservoir of your espresso machine.

OSCAR (osmotic scale reduction) is an innovative DESCALING DEVICE for domestic and office hot beverage dispensers. The mechanism applies the osmotic process of the saline solution to eliminate the calcium and magnesium deposits which build-up inside your machine boiler and heating elements reducing the life of the appliance.

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Technical Data
Dimension OSCAR 90 x 120 x 100mm
Structure Material Polyester texture
pH Out Neutral
Expire Date Approx 6 Month from first use
Video ID Passive, inside the tank
Temperature in Use From 5°C to +40°C
Resin Bacterial static
Heavy Metal Removal Chromium, Aluminium, Copper, Lead, Iron, Zinc, Nickel, Cadmium, Calcium, Magnesium
Disposal Special but NOT harmful waste

OSCAR - Water filter and Softener -descaling device -

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